the future is uncertain.

we help you price it.

To celebrate over 15 years of bringing advanced financial mathematics to the energy sector, we’re offering a free month of our flagship product, Price Forward Curves (PFCs). Throughout June, you can take our PFCs for a
test-drive via Montel Online, to see how they can help you hedge your risk and maximize your profit margins. 



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Throughout June, you can take our PFCs for a test-drive, to see how they can help you hedge your risk and maximize your profit margins.



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Keeping your ahead of the curve

PFCs help you see into the future, meaning that every fluctuation in the markets can be integrated into your operating schedule and trading behaviour 

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Hedging and flexibility

Use PFCs to cover your risk and unlock flexibility. Whether you’re a Virtual Power Plant Operatoor managing a Combined Heat and Power station, use PFCs to get the most out of your assets. 

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Adapted for today's markets

Looking to account for seasonality? Or understand how renewable energy penetration will affect your business in the years to come? Our PFCs are the ideal tool to make the future less uncertain .

Watch price[it] founder Marc Hasenbeck's introduction to PFCs


Make the right calls



Pricing uncertainty 

Transform futures prices into quarterly, hourly, daily, and monthly delivery time series with our range of PFCs covering all major European markets.   


Products designed for you

Use a custom price simulation to map complex volatility for your CHP, or ask us to develop tools to hedge risk for your Virtual Power Plant. Working with us will help you get the most out of your assets. 


Our maths, your margins

Hedging your risk and increasing your profitability shouldn't be mutually exclusive. Our range of products are all designed to help you manage your risk and maximise your margins.  


Manage short-time volatility

Use our 14-day Spot forecast (including EPEX Intraday Auctions) to complement our PFCs. Our simple and elegant model provides highly accurate projections you can trust.  


16 years of cutting-edge technology

Continuous improvement is our ethos. We were one of the first to bring financial methods to the energy sector 15 years ago, and now we use AI to improve our models. It's why we’re still market leaders. 




Powered by our customers

We pride ourselves on our hands-on, collaborative approach - it's not 'customer support', it's the core of our business.

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“We have been working with price [it] since 2014. Since then, the software has been an important part of our daily work processes in both portfolio and risk management. Price [it]’s ability to jointly develop of ideas, components and services fits perfectly with our dynamic approach to production and trading”

Mathias Hocke

Head of Portfolio Management / Procurement, EVH